About Us

about us

Tarryall River Ranch is a family-owned and operated guest ranch nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Located in a beautiful mountain valley, TRR is surrounded by Pike National Forest and the Lost Creek Wilderness, both of which offer a variety of trails and vistas, perfect for hiking and horseback riding.  The Tarryall River runs through the property and provides excellent opportunities for fly fishing with a nice combination of deep pools, undercut banks, and riffles. Although it has a feeling of being isolated and remote, TRR is conveniently located just 65 miles west of Colorado Springs and 100 miles southwest of Denver. 

Our Family

Our family discovered Tarryall River Ranch as guests in 2002, and found the natural beauty, amazing hospitality, & relaxed atmosphere to be truly refreshing. Tarryall became a tradition that we looked forward to every summer as we built many lifelong memories along the way. Eventually, our family purchased the ranch with the goal of using the amazing property to support faith-based non-profit organizations, and those in need in our community, while continuing many of the historical traditions of the ranch. 

We’re honored to be able to carry on the long legacy of Western hospitality that is central to the Tarryall tradition – and it is our hope that you will also be refreshed by your time at the Ranch! 

Steve & Kristin Woodford 

History of the Ranch

Tarryall River Ranch was first settled in the 1880s when promises of gold brought thousands of settlers to Colorado. It was an active cattle ranch throughout that period spreading seven miles down the Tarryall River Valley. After the turn of the century, mining gave way to ranching as the economic mainstay and remains popular to this day. Old, abandoned cabins and numerous remnants of the era still exist throughout the area. The rustic log and chink office at the ranch dates back to this time. 

In 1920, the Tarryall Valley captured the interest of a family in Colorado Springs. Drawn by the beauty of the area, the family purchased the ranch as a summer retreat and built the main ranch house. Today, that house is used as the ranch’s dining lodge, Waypoint.

In 1930, a prominent Colorado Springs attorney purchased and converted the property into a guest ranch, known at the time as the Tarryall Dude Ranch. This began a tradition of excellence in Western hospitality that has carried on for seventy years.

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