For the Kids

Kids Program

Guests ages 4-12 are invited to join our kids’ program. Offered Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to lunchtime with occasional evening events. 

This program aims to provide a fun, educational experience for our younger guests through nature-oriented activities and crafts. Kids experience educational topics combined with engaging activities to expand the children’s knowledge and appreciation for the history of the land. 

The Tarryall Buckaroo Ride

The Tarryall Buckaroo Ride is designed to introduce budding cowboys to being around horses. We start with a horse handling mini-lesson, then one of our experienced wranglers will lead them on a gentle ride around the property. This experience can be enjoyed by children from 2-10 years of age, however parents are required to stay with their child as they ride. The cost is $40.00 per hour and the time on the horse can be split by up to three riders.

The Hilton

Once a mining cabin, this historic spot lies on the outskirts of the ranch’s beautiful Aspen Grove. Everyone is welcome to experience this peek into the past, but we especially encourage the kids to explore! The dress-up clothes and Western-themed toys in the cabin invite children to imagine what life was like for the settlers. This spot is one of Tarryall’s hidden gems and reminds guests of the bountiful history of the area.

Playground & Petting Zoo:

The playground at Tarryall River Ranch has swings, slides, and lots of space for kids to run and climb. Step back in time as you explore one of our teepees. Challenge some pals to a game on our basketball court, volleyball court, or horseshoe pit. Be sure to stop by our petting zoo where our resident miniature donkeys, Jewel and Myron, are waiting to greet ranch guests!

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