Tin Cup Ride

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the Corral at Tarryall River Ranch!

Welcome to the Corral at Tarryall River Ranch! We have horses and riding options for all ages and levels of experience. Looking for something for your little one? The Tarryall Buckaroo Ride is for youngsters ages 2-10. Ready to explore some of Colorado’s trails from the back of a horse the way the first settlers did? Choose from our list of trail rides featuring varying lengths and difficulties, available to riders ages 6 and up. If  you’re looking for something a little more out of the box, check out one of our more specialized activities like cow penning or private riding lessons. Whether you’ve never put your boot in a stirrup or have been riding the range for years, Tarryall River Ranch has something for you!


Tin Cup Ride

Tin Cup Ride (2.5-hour or 4-hour): The Tin Cup ride is a ride that starts on an Old Stagecoach Road and turns off to climb to a breathtaking overlook. Then we climb on Switchback Trail to Lost Creek wilderness area and drop down into a large aspen grove with enormous trees and a spring-fed creek running through it. We call this ride “tin cup” because years ago there was a tin cup hanging on the tree where people could get a drink from the creek as they hiked or rode through. The 2.5-hour ride is $110 per rider and the 4-hour ride is $200 per rider.

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